• Fast>VP is a fast and effective tool to detect vanishing points in uncalibrated images of urban or indoor scenes. Associated publication pdf
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PoLAR:Portable Library for Augmented Reality

  • PoLAR (Portable Library for Augmented Reality) is a framework which aims to help creating graphical applications for augmented reality, image visualization and medical imaging. PoLAR was designed to offer powerful visualization functionalities without the need to be a specialist in Computer Graphics. The framework provides an API to state-of-the-art libraries: Qt to build GUIs and OpenSceneGraph for high-end visualization, for researchers and engineers with a background in Computer Vision to be able to create beautiful AR applications, with little programming effort. The framework is written in C++ and published under the GNU GPL license. The library was described in pdf
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The GridMethod Toolbox

  • A collection of Matlab functions for measuring displacement and strain fields in experimental solid mechanics. It is the software companion of the paper pdf.
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  • A Boolean model for deformed speckle rendering. Associated publication pdf
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