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Some videos demonstrating our research results

Augmented reality for laparoscopic surgery

Results obtained in collaboration with the SHACRA team within the context of Nazim Haouchine's Phd thesis. For further details see references ISMAR 2013 , ICRA 2014, ISMAR2014

Simulation of the deploiement of a coil

Results obtained in collaboration with the SHACRA team. For further details see references MICCAI 2012 , SPIE 2012

Augmented reality in multi-planar environments

This video was realized during the European Project ARIS (2001-2005). The goal was to perform augmented reality tasks in multi-planar environments. See here for more details.

Simultaneous reconstruction and augmentation of piecewise planar surfaces

Detection of the Intersection Lines in Multiplanar Environments: Application to Real-Time Estimation of the Camera-Scene Geometry, ICPR 2008 pdf

In situ modeling of multiplanar scenes

In-Situ 3D Sketching Using a Video Camera as an Interaction and Tracking Device. For details, look at the article published at Eurographics 2009 pdf

Realistic talking head

This sequence was generated from a sparse corpus - points are drawn on the face and reconstructed thanks to a stereovision system - and a small set of dense meshes of the speakers. More details are available here

Multi-modality fusion

This sequence is a result of the European ASPI project which aims at acquiring dynamic data on the vocal tract from various image modalities and sensors